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Welcome to Vineland School



The Vineland School staff works together to provide quality education for all students.  We pride ourselves on the positive learning environment at Vineland School.  Our school has a special feel when you walk on campus, which is inviting to students and visitors alike.

We know parents and staff together play an important role in developing successful students.   We are focusing on increasing parent communication, through this website;  our school/family compact; opportunities for parent input, through meetings such as English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), and School Site Council (SSC); and also special mailings, and our automated phone call system.

We are also continuing and adding student success opportunities, such as STAR students on Fridays, for students who have turned in all work for the week, had positive behavior, and no unexcused absences or tardies; Student of the Month, focusing on character traits; and trimester awards.   Additionally, students who also have positive behavior and excellent attendance, including not having tardies, are invited to a special event to celebrate.

Vineland School Universal Rules

Be safe, Be responsible, Be respectful

2021-Spring Break Flyer