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Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

In accordance with the provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), students enrolled in Program Improvement Year 2 or more schools are eligible to receive after-school tutoring for by the Vineland School District. The intent of this tutoring is to assist students in becoming proficient in English-Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics.

Participating Schools

The following schools are currently in Program Improvement Year 2 or more:

  • Sunset School
  • Vineland School

For a summary of services (number of students who were eligible for and the number of students who participated in Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services), please select the following link:

Priority of Services

Priority of services will be given to students with the greatest academic need based on the previous year’s CAASPP/SBAC assessments and not necessarily on the current year’s classroom academic achievement. If the demand for services exceeds the availability of funds, the following criteria will be used to rank eligible students according to their academic needs. Ranking will be based on the following criteria:

  • Grade Level Ranking: Priority of services will be given to students in grades 3-8 and then to students in grade 2, then grade 1, and finally in kindergarten.
  • Academic Need: Priority of services will be given first to students identified as most in need (“Standard Nearly Met” and “Standard Not Met” based on the most recent CAASPP/SBAC Assessment.  If space is available, services will be made available to those students as Proficient or Advanced (“Standard Met” or “Standard Exceeded”).

Parent Choice

You are encouraged to choose a tutoring program that best meets the needs of your child. These programs have been approved by the California Department of Education. For a list of the state approved providers and information on selecting a provider please select the following links:

Application Process

Please read the following procedures carefully. All notifications from the district will be sent by mail only.

  • All applications are due into the school by August 15. All applications received after September 15 will be included in the SES program if space is available. For new students or those who did not submit an application by September 15, you may continue to submit an application any time throughout the school year, but services will only be offered if space is available in the program and if sufficient time remains for the student to complete the designated number of tutoring hours offered by the provider that is selected.
  • If a student meets the criteria of most in need you will receive an “SES Eligibility Notification/Verification of Acceptance” letter. This letter must be signed and returned to the school. Each Verification of Acceptance letter will be processed in the order in which it is received until the maximum capacity for services has been reached. All Verification of Acceptance letters received after October 15 will only be processed if space is available in the program. Your child’s SES services will not begin until we have received this Verification of Acceptance.
  • If a student does not meet the criteria of most in need, or is otherwise ineligible for services, you will receive an “SES Denial Notification” letter.
  • Upon receipt of the returned “SES Eligibility Notification/Verification of Acceptance” letter confirming your acceptance of the SES services, the provider will contact you within two weeks to establish tutoring times and a location. Services must begin no later than September 30 and end no later than May 30.

 Forms and Publications (For Parents):